This documentary talks about the value of preserving the old. It's about accuracy, variety and the durability of the analog clocks in the era of digital totality. Mr. Deshpande's workspace in itself is visually stunning to watch. The doc is a short byte-sized piece which provides a glance into something new and unique.

Sohil Vaidya's films have always been adamant in getting a message across. His most recent short-film, 'Geeta', tells the story of a young girl who suffers from modern-day slavery - trapped in a home with no escape under the pretext of domestic help.


May 10, 2019

There is something subtly unique about Sohil Vaidya’s cinema and perhaps this uniqueness is seeped in his effortless culmination of culturally grounded yet universally relevant stories. His thesis film, Difficult People, that won him the Directors Guild of America(D.G.A) Student Award, deals insightfully with a father-son relationship after the loss of the mother, the economic constraints of the middle class and the ambition of the artist to break free. His recent documentary, The Timekeeper, tells the story of Mr. Deshpande and his pursuit of preserving his love for repairing and creating analog clocks in the digital era. Yet another story from Maharashtra but universally significant in its intent to explore how with the changing times, somethings or people remain the same and how sometimes that is necessary.


February 19, 2019

Pather Panchali opened the doors for me to research, learn and experience world cinema. Great filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Scorsese, Wong Kar Wai, Kubrick deeply impacted me. I started believing that anyone who has a story to tell from the depth of their heart can make a great film with a deeper understanding of craft and vivid observation about the world surrounding them.


March 04, 2019

As the film draws to a close, it becomes hard to miss the cyclic narrative as we see Geeta standing at the very same window, meekly, this time, however, resigned to her fate.

‘Geeta’ is a testament to the collective injustice that exists in the society and how even the educated, well-informed individuals of the so-called modern and developed world remain entrapped in it, much like Geeta herself…


December 20, 2018

Difficult People (Kashmakash), by 29-year-old Sohil Vaidya, focuses on graffiti artists in Mumbai and examines the dilemma faced by urban youth today.


December 14, 2018

A Short film directed by Sohil Vaidya, named Difficult People have won the the prestigious Directors Guild of Americas award for best student film, 2018 ~ eSakal.


October 09, 2017

The short film zooms in on help caught in shackles of slavery. Geeta is the story of domestic help who finds her financial, personal and social freedoms being snatched away after she lands in the US — the land of opportunity.

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