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Murmurs of the Jungle

20 Mins | Hybrid docu-fiction | 2021

Roles | Director, Producer and Editor


A grandmother tells a story to her grandson about the origins of their remote indigenous village in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. As the mysterious morning slowly unfolds, spirits wander in the forest, and dark secrets buried in time slowly emerge. The trees whisper tales of the Gods and the ancestors. They say that you don't die. Your spirit assimilates into the jungle. And while civilization, its beliefs, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth continue, the forest stands eternal. A bridge between the old and the new.


70th Melbourne International Film Festival(MIFF) - Grand Prix for Best Short Film, 2022.
25th SCAD Savannah Film Festival  - Artistic Excellence Award, 2022.
7th NFDC Film Bazaar, 2021 – Best Short Film .

Festival Selections

52nd International Film Festival of India(IFFI), Indian panorama, 2021
51st International Film Festival of Rotterdam(IFFR), Short and Mid Length Films, 2022.
58th Chicago International film Festival, 2022
30th Raindance Film Festival, 2022
25th SCAD Savannah Film Festival, 2022
26th Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2022
45th Drama International Short Film Festival, 2022
49th Athens International Film + Video Festival(AIFVF), 2022.
18th Camden International Film Festival, 2022
20th Bogota Shorts Film Festival, 2022.
17th Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Light of Asia Competition, 2022.
22nd New York Indian Film Festival, Short Documentary Competition, 2022.
14th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala.
15th Signs Film Festival, Kerala, 2022.
22nd Tabor Film Festival.
Cineteca Nacional Mexico, 2022.
13th Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, 2022.
3rd Lima Alterna Film Festival, 2022
3rd All the Living things Film Festival, 2022.
3rd Ethno Kino Film Festival, 2022.
8th International Film Festival of Shimla, 2022.
Beijing International Short Film Festival, 2022.
20th London Short Film Festival, 2023
Kochi Biennale, Soil Assembly Section, 2023.
Nepal International Film Festival, 2023
Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival, 2023.
Kriti Film Club Mumbai, 2023.

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